Thursday, February 4, 2010

baked sweet potatoes.

I am oddly stuck on certain foods for a long time and then done with them! Right now sweet potatoes are my absolute favorite food! Which is so weird considering I have never liked them my whole life!!! I have made them a few different ways but this is my current favorite method.

2 sweet potatoes.
peeled, cut in half, then in half again, then in slices about 1/4" thick.
arrange on baking dish.
drizzle small amount of melted butter and sprinkle kosher salt over...
sprinkle brown sugar over the top... and then shake some cinnamon and paprika over it all.
Cover and bake at 400 for about an hour (I really like them well done) and then remove foil and let bake until golden brown and caramelized. YUM!
I eat half for dinner and the rest for breakfast. and NO I don't share!

I will post my second favorite method another day.

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Julie said...

I really like sweet potatoes, too. And I have some in my pantry, so I may try this out this weekend!
Love ya

Julie said...

You never posted your second favorite method!