Friday, December 19, 2008

poppyseed chicken

Wednesday Matt called as usual, inquiring about dinner plans... I told him I was making "chicken casserole." I had been looking through the Edmond Church of Christ cookbook; searching for something new and exciting to make for dinner when I kept seeing repeated recipes for poppyseed chicken. There are seriously 10 entries with almost identical variations of the exact recipe. I decided that if that many ladies thought it was worthy of a cookbook entry it was worth a try! Like I previously mentioned, Matt was underthrilled about the prospect of another chicken casserole. When he came home I fixed his plate like always, which included the chicken, a baked potato with all the toppings, green beans, and french bread. He quickly said that this was his new favorite! That is really saying something because he is quick to point out my trial recipe failures. He is nice about it, just says... "this was okay but maybe not a keeper." Since this one was deemed a "keeper," I am sharing it here on the food blog!

Talk about easy!

4-6 chicken breasts
can cream of chicken soup
sour cream
1 tube ritz crackers
2 T poppy seeds
1 stick melted butter

I baked the boneless skinless chicken breasts earlier in the day so they would be cool enough to cut into pieces. I just salted and peppered them before cooking. (some of the recipe variations mentioned using the rotisserie chicken at walmart, some used two cans of soup, some more butter, some garlic salt... so make it your own) Mix the chicken chunks with the soup and sour cream. Spread mixture in casserole dish. Mix crackers with butter and poppy seeds and sprinkle over top. Bake at 350 for one hour.

Matt mentioned that this reminded him of chicken pot pie which made me think I might add carrots and peas to the chicken mixture next time to make it more pie like. We'll see!

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Loving Annie said...

That chicken sounds really good, Annie ! Yummm :)

gail@more than a song said...

Poppyseed chicken is one of our absolute favorites! So, so good.