Friday, November 14, 2008

tortilla soup

I don't have a written recipe for this soup, but it is so good!!!!
Tortilla Soup...
Chicken (I usually buy frozen fajita meat at Sams or a roasted chicken and pull off and shred the meat.)
large can of chicken broth (40ish ounces)
green chilis, 4 oz.
onion chopped
canola oil
cup of salsa
heaping teaspoon of chili powder & ground cumin
cheddar cheese
corn tortillas
Saute the chicken with onion and green chilis, add in broth, salsa, & spices. Salt to taste. Let simmer .... Bring oil to boil, roll up a few corn tortillas at a time and slice them making strips, fry them in the canola oil until crispy... lightly browned. Take out and salt, set aside... Cut the avocado into chunks.
To serve, place your cooked tortillas in the bottom of the bowl, lay in some avocado chunks, pour soup over and add cheese to the top.
I served this soup to the Australians when they were here in the Summer. They took the recipe home, it is just sooo good. I think making your own tortillas makes the difference.

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